We Are Your IT Team
PriceIT Focuses on creating a Custom Quote for you. We break up the PriceIT process into the stages below:

Discovery (Free Consultation)

This is our chance to say Hello and listen to you and ask you a bunch of questions.
We need to understand the business goals and targets. Do you want us for
WebIT – to get your Awesome Web Presence Or WorkIT – to get your @work IT needs under control Or both WebIT+WorkIT – then WeWorkIT for you.

Among the questions we ask you besides
your preferences in Coffee, Tea or Herbal Tea
are things such as:

 What is the current situation?

  1. What do you feel is lacking currently from an IT perspective?
  2. Do you have an IT team – if so, we would supplement your IT team, if you have no IT team then we would love to be Your IT Team.
  3. We need to get a clear picture of what your needs are to and Yes, we will even ask you – your budget.
    Often, we get responses like – No, you tell me – Sure we will but the idea behind asking for your budget is not to figure out how much we can bill you but to simply ensure we have a realistic number to work with.

PS – It is perfectly fine to tell us – Coffee is not your cup of Tea

Our guarantee is simple – After you get our quote, you can compare around, and
you will find – we give you the MOST COMPETITIVE RATES.

Please be sure though to make a fair – apples to apples comparison. We have a
team that we break into Junior-Staff, Mid-Level and Senior Level Staff. Some
monthly IT maintenance are handled by Junior to Mid-Level staff and Senior Staff
focus on the actual architecture and more complex issues such as Security etc.
After our discussions with you – we go into the Planning phase


Our Team would gather around – look at all your current IT needs and then
prepare a Plan – where possible we also create alternate Plan – a Plan A, Plan B etc.

The planning phase would require us to discuss a few more things with you. Once
the plan and approach is finalized. We Price


The Price is what you want to know.
We detail what we will do and what it will cost.


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