Great things in business are never done by one person.
They are done by a team of people
- Steve Jobs

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IT is critical for any business nowadays. Our job is to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefits from IT for your business. If nothing else, at least you need to be aware of areas where IT can make a difference for you. If you already have an IT team – we supplement your team by conducting independent audits of your network, security, backup and disaster recovery and act as an extended team at a fraction of the cost. If you do not have an IT team – then we are your IT team

IT Policies

Do you have IT Policies in place? Are they up-to-date, are staff complying with the IT Policies. Is further training required to ensure that there is increase awareness of the policies – all these and more are the areas we help in?

Help Desk

Who do your staff call for when they have problems with their systems? Do you have staff to manage this? If not, we setup a Help Desk for you. Now your staff can call for IT help 24 x 7 as required.

Systems & Licenses

– Is the company compliant with Licensing software? Can we get the costs for Licenses reduced example by using Thin Clients for example? Are the Systems getting too old? What is the best system recommendation (Desktops, Thin-clients, Servers, or Laptops) for the company? All this and more are part of the value to bring to you.

Chat Systems/Email Servers and More

We can buy or build Custom Chat Systems and Email Servers. With custom chat systems – you can ensure that there is a record of conversations (some industries have government policies that mandate a history of chat conversations must be maintained as well, we can provide a custom chat system broken into departments that is completely self-contained for your business).

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Too many times we have seen companies without a backup or a backup that is old or nonfunctional (backup space was full or backup had stopped working a long time ago) and when disaster stuck – say a system crashed – the work was lost and sometimes you can lose critical data that can put the very existence of the company at risk. Example – What happens if your accounting systems – Customer List, Accounts Receivables, Payables data was lost? We review your existing Backup Policies and if necessary build one for you from scratch.


Security is protecting your work network from hacking etc. but it is also as much strengthening the infra to ensure that systems are robust from internal attacks. Ask yourself – Can my confidential information (Customer List, Accounting Records, R&D, etc.) be stolen? – Are my Firewalls patched up and maintained? – Are my company’s firewall rules robust? When was it last checked? –

Is the Firewall being monitored regularly – even 24 x 7 if necessary, for potential attacks. – When was security last audited? –

Do I need to compliant? ex: PCI Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, etc. – Are all systems patched up, be it be a windows security patch or android, iOS patches. We set up a regular patch schedule to ensure all systems are up to date. If you are not sure about any of these then we are here to help


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